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Realme Crossed 4 Million users Milestone, Realme Buds & Realme U1 Fiery Gold First Sale

Recently, Realme has announced that it has achieved the milestone of 4 million users in a period of 8 Months since the launch of the brand.Realme Yo Days sale

Realme Yo Days

To celebrate this milestone, Realme has announced the Realme Yo Days which will commence from 7th January, 2019 and will continue up to 9th January, 2019.

Crazy Deals me Realme Yo Days

     During this period, Realme U1 fiery gold and Realme Buds will be available for the first time to buy. It will be available on

The company has yet not revealed, where Realme Buds will be made available. The rumors are saying that, it will be available on Amazon and Flipkart, it’s not sure whether it will be a flash sale or an open sale.

Realme U1 Fiery Gold

Realme U1 Gold color will be available from 5th january

     Recently, the company has released its new model Realme U1, which is exclusively available on at a price of Rs. 11,999.  At the time of its launch, it came with 2 color variants viz., Ambitious Black and Brave Blue.

The most awaited Realme U1 fiery gold will be available for the first time in Realme Yo Days from 7th of January to 9th of January.

Realme Buds and Realme U1 Iconic Case

realme buds black premium earphones at a very low price

Realme U1 Iconic case will be available from 5th january

     Previously, the company has confirmed the availability of Realme Buds and Realme U1 iconic case in January. But, finally it is confirmed that these two accessories will be made available during 5th of January till 7th of January .

Success journey of Realme

In May 2018, Realme was launched as a sub-brand of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer – OPPO. Since then, Realme was separated from OPPO and became an independent company.

Realme 1

The first Smartphone from Realme was Realme  1, which was launched at a price of Rs. 10,490. Though this was the first model  from this company ,this was so successful and created a hype in the market.

Want to see a detailed video of Realme 1,

This sub-brand came with the intention to compete with Xiaomi Redmi phones. Finally,It was successful and has sold 4 million smartphones in a period of 8 months.

It has launched four new phones and even announced the Realme Buds in November last year .

The company is looking to expand its offline presence in 150 cities in 2019. CMR sited that, Realme was the top emerging brand in India in 2018 and Flipkart has also revealed that, it has sold more than 2 million  Realme 2 phones in 2018.

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